5 Steps to a "Healthy Lifestyle"

Happy Fri-yay, Friends! I, for one, and so excited that it is Friday. Did this week creep along for anyone else? No? Just me? Ok.

As I ate some chips and salsa con queso last night, I was reminded about my VERY first challenge group. I remember the first thing I asked was, "Can we eat CHEESE?"

My dear friend and coach responded with, "You know, this is your lifestyle. I personally eat cheese, and some people don't. That works for me. What can you maintain long term?"

That is the first time it *clicked* for me.

I began to simply eat well, and in fact, had the mindset of, "This is processed? No thank you!" Honestly, that was the healthiest I have been in a LONG time, however, I wasn't able to maintain for more than a year. I began to crave the old foods that I had eaten (minus Taco Johns/McDonalds... That still gives me the willies), and I gained all the weight back + more. Not something I'm proud of. Now, of course, it is harder to get back off than ever, but there ARE steps to take to get in to the "healthy mindset" and create a maintainable healthy lifestyle. Before and After

  1. Ask yourself, "Is this pushing toward my goals or dragging me away from them".  No, this doesn't mean that you can't have a treat every now and then (I recommend a Treat MEAL once a week) , but keep in mind what your goals are and be diligent in keeping those goals.

    Really figure out what your motivation is. And when you THINK you have it figured out, dig deeper and you'll probably find your true motivation. Reminder: Your motivating factor has to be stronger than any excuse you come up with.

  2. Don't even BRING tempting foods into your house. If you have an unsupportive spouse, let them know respectfully what your goals are and temptations. If you come to them humbly so they understand you are serious about this, more often than not, they will be considerate to your wishes and do their best to not try and cause you to stumble.
  3. Be Realistic: Make a conscious effort to figure out what is maintainable for you, but don't let this be an opportunity to create excuses for eating whatever you want.

    The truth of the matter is, ANY change in routine is going to be difficult, so YES, your first 3-4 weeks might be hard to stick to, but again, refer to number 1. What are your goals? What is your motivation?

  4. Don't try to go at it alone! I can't tell you all the times I thought I was going to do something, but had zero accountability and fell off the hayride--hard---gravel in the forehead and everything. ;) Find someone you trust and that will push you, or get plugged into one of my online bootcamps! The environment in the group is one of encouragement but also one where we will challenge each other and motivate each other to keep on going. These are VALUABLE, which I didn't realize until I was actually a part of one.
  5. Remember, while being "skinny" is usually what women strive for, we're ultimately concerned about our health. THROW THE SCALE AWAY, because it's not your friend and will lie to you about your health often. :)

    Strive to be healthy and FEEL well, because those things will come with consistency.

I'm rooting for you. If what you need is accountability, I'd love to be here for you! If what you need is a meal and/or workout plan, you can either request more information by emailing me at 4pencefitness@gmail.com OR you can sign up for my online bootcamp and we'll get you hooked up with something you can maintain and something you love.

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