December Photo Challenge!

I am THRILLED to start a photography challenge for anyone and everyone who wants to participate! If you're not into photography, dabbling in it, a seasoned pro, or an online entrepreneur trying to up your photo game, I'm excited to have you join the photography daily challenges! December Photo Challenge The best way to improve our photography is to practice, and especially to force us to think outside the box, which is why the daily challenge is so vague! It forces us to figure out what makes us unique and find your "style".  Another thing? We're using only our smart phones. Yep, you read that right. You can come up with some AMAZING photos and achieve a pretty great look with your smartphone, I promise!

I seriously am excited to stretch my own photography and grow as a photographer, as well as see what you all come up with!

SO how do you join?

Simply take your photo, based on the daily challenge, hashtag #socialmediaphotoacademy and tag @shawnapence (on instagram) or Shawna Pence Fitness on Facebook!

Share with your friends so we have a large community to learn with!

Have a great Week, friends!

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