Natural Make-Up for the busy Mom

simplemakeupFirst off, let me begin by saying: Wearing make-up shouldn't be an "end all".  We don't NEED to have make-up on. We don't need those amazing eyebrows, the most expensive make-up, or the biggest kit on the block...It's not a NECESSITY, however, make-up REALLY can help change our mood about our day.

I don't know about you, but being a busy, washed-up mom of toddlers really takes a toll on my appearance. Not necessarily my physical appearance, but whether I have make-up on or not has an affect on my MOOD. I can't explain it. It just does. I blame it on the yoga pants. Have you noticed that yourself? I feel even more tired (is that even possible?) if I haven't washed my face and put on some simple, natural, fresh make-up.

Let's take a huge load off of our shoulders and just say, you don't have to be professional to know basic, natural make-up application. *phew*

I want to give you the tools to wake-up and apply make-up in 7 minutes or less (because yes, 7 minutes IS a big deal!) and feel fresh and ready for your day. And let's face it, sometimes we can do more Kingdom work when we're a little more put together than the sweats with a rip all the way up the leg...I may or may not be wearing a pair of those right now ;) Why? Because at the drop of a hat, we can go out and get coffee for someone who's having a bad day, because we don't have to all of the sudden "put ourselves together".

I am SO excited to be offering a FULL hour, video consult for only $47, where we talk about what you have in your make-up kit and how we can use it the best way to feel fresh and clean and almost like you went and had someone do your make-up for you.

I will give you suggestions on what I find is the best (or the worst), what is more essential than the rest, and you can decide what YOU want to put in or take out of your make-up bag.

Use the contact for below if you have more questions, or if you are SO ready for this, the paypal button is ready to go!

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