Get in Shape--sort of.

It's no secret: January is the month most people are ready to get in shape. The festivities that have lasted from October THROUGH the new year are over, and many people have a new "view" on 2016.

"This is my year."

"No more doughnuts."

"I wonder how many salads I need to eat to get a 6 pack."

"These 'workout clothes' are totally multi-purpose...I'll buy one of each color in everything."

"Will that shake give me the squirts? Don't care. Worth it."

"This fiber tastes like grass, but think about my bod when I'm done!"

"How can I do this with minimal effort or discomfort?"

"Bought some new Nike's that don't fit, but they're SUPER cute..."

"I don't think I'll buy anything. I'll just go for a run in sub-zero temps every day. I can do this!"

However, I bet you a pretty penny (not for real, I don't have any pretty pennies...) Tomorrow, starting week 2 of January, several people have already quit. Why?

"2016 is already terrible. What's the point?"

"I bought my kids doughnuts pretended to buy my kids doughnuts and ate the entire dozen.

"This salad kept me full for a whopping 36 seconds."

"These workout clothes are still complaints."

"That shake gave me the squirts. I don't care if my body was cleaning out. Not. Worth. It."

"My new Nike's gave me blisters. I'm not cut out for this."

"There is no way I'm going for a run, when my snot is making my nostrils stick together. But tomorrow...I will go out no matter what."

"Meh, I don't really want to spend money on getting in shape. Oh look! Shoes!"

"No one will even and the rest of my life is a rest day."

So, although I'm not an natural encourager, I'm here to offer some encouragement.

Get in shape.

"Whoa, hey, Shawna...You're being a little forward here. How rude."

Let's take a deep breath and see what this means.

Getting in shape looks different for everyone.

For some people, ditching their daily 32 oz Diet Coke is a HUGE step forward to "getting in shape". I may or may not have had a Diet Coke addiction for a few years. I get the struggle, but I can tell you, I don't miss Diet Coke anymore. Did I start eating Kale salads and salmon everyday while I was kicking that Diet Coke issue? No. Way. In fact, I still don't eat Kale or Salmon...probably never will. I mean, I have standards for food, that it must be edible. ;) 

For some, it might just mean being mindful of your movement. Are you sitting more than you think? Do you have a desk job and you don't even realize you're barely moving for 8 hours of your day? Or maybe you don't realize you've been binge watching Netflix or Hulu for 5 hours (or you do realize it and you just don't care.)  Just simply noticing these things are being mindful of movement will be a HUGE game-changer, and make "getting in shape" more realistic.

For others, it might be giving up their nightly ritual of Ben & Jerry's "The Tonight Dough" ice-cream or addiction to chips and salsa. But I wouldn't know anything about that... ;)

Getting in shape doesn't mean you have the perfect bod, you hit the gym for AT LEAST an hour every day, you NEVER miss a workout, you can run a 5K (seriously, I can't), You spend a fortune on treadmills, ellipticals, weight sets and dumbbells, or that you eat some of the most disgusting salads everyday, have cut out meat, gluten, dairy, GMO's, sugar and everything else dreams are made of, and never have a treat for the rest of your life.

But here's what it DOES mean: 1) You're learning what works best for your specific body type and what you can realistically achieve with your schedule, where you are at in life, and your natural struggles and strengths.

2) That you're being mindful of how long you are choosing to sit or be active, and that you CHOOSE to be active.

3) That you're taking steps to fuel your body properly, but also taking into consideration that it must be sustainable long term.

4) That you have someone that will challenge you, motivate you, and help keep you accountable and you are that kind of friend right back to them.

Gals, I am not perfect, and will never be. I will probably never have the body that celebrities have, but what I DO have is an amazing group of gals that have turned into some of my best friends and who keep me accountable. Here's a post one of those gals made in our bootcamp the other day:

Huge shout out to all of you!! These past couple months have been challenging but I wouldn't be where I am without all of your support, input, advice encouragement and random entertainment!! After my wedding I gained 15 lbs in our 1st year of marriage and have struggled to get my weight and my workouts back under control.. With all of your help these past few months I have lost 7 lbs and keep progressing EVERY DAY!!! Proves to show what motivation and a lot of GREAT support can help you accomplish!! Thank you so much ladies!!!

Does this sound like something you'd benefit from? I'd LOVE to chat with you! Shoot me an email and we will do our best to "get in shape" together this year.

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