Oily hair and Dry Shampoo

12573669_1084396791582196_6683272604851588556_nAs a licensed cosmetologist, there are about a million different dry-shampoo products I can "get behind". Most work very well, if they are a quality brand! But today, I’m going to give you a tip on how to get the “dry-shampoo effect” without purchasing dry shampoo, and the best part is…thereare only 2 ingredients and you can usually find them in your home.

When my alopecia areata flares up, I try to put as little amount of “chemicals” on my head as possible and try to not wash it as often. I have been using Redken Frizz Control for my shampoo and conditioner (sulfate free) but the thing about shampoos like that, are they CAN make your hair a bit heavy and greasy.

In comes this little recipe. Cornstarch + Cocoa. Yes. Cocoa. Mix cornstarch and add cocoa to get the cornstarch to appear closer to your hair color. If you’re blonde, you won’t need much for cocoa powder! If you’re dark brown or black, You’ll need more cocoa powder. There is a huge positive to this…You smell like chocolate. :) This has worked great for me!

Get a little on your fingertips, flip your head upside down and target your roots, lightly rubbing it throughout your roots/scalp. If you accidentally get the “gray hair” look, blow-dry your hair! Easy peasy! What’s your favorite way to “no-poo”?

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