Unbiased Tyra Beauty Make-Up Review

Hey friends! If you've been following me on Instagram, Periscope or on Facebook for ANY length of time, you will know my true love lies with itCosmetics. I love their entire line of make-up. Love. It.

However, offering the services I do, I know that I need to branch out from what I love to use and try some products that are on the rise and currently trending.

A fellow cosmetologist (who happens to be MY cosmetologist), Whitney,  sScreen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.03.32 PMtarting selling Tyra Beauty, and to see what all the fuss was about, I ordered the "Minimalista TyOver" because I am a simple gal who likes "minimal" make-up!


The "Minimalista" came with a bunch of STICKS! Something I'm totally not used to.

-A highlighting stick -A contouring stick -A Cheek color...in a stick... -A Lip Color -A tube of Mascara

All of it was SUPER smooth and light. It barely felt like I was applying make-up at all!

Some things I LIKED about Tyra Beauty:

1) So smooth to apply. No tugging, no dryness, no weird-flakiness that makes you look older. Just light and smooth make-up.

2) The color tones weren't too orange! This is a total win in my book. It's not often that you can find a contouring color that isn't too orange.

3) Convenience of a Stick! I usually apply my highlighting and contouring with a flat brush. It works well, however, the stick application is SO EASY. Seriously, if you are venturing out into the world of highlighting and contouring, it doesn't get much easier than putting it on like you're applying a glue-stick to paper :) So. Easy....did I say that already?

4) The mascara. Mascara is tough for me, because I LOVE Loreal, Waterproof Mascara. It is the best I have found, but I ran out and wanted to expand my horizons a little bit. I really can't complain too much about Tyra "Smack my Fat Lash"...(I'm not a huge fan of these names, but...whaddya do.) It went on well, didn't clump, and it isn't coming off on my upper eye lid, which is usually my problem!

5) Surprisingly, the Blush in a stick was super fun. I am really "big" into powder blush, because you start light and build onto it to get your desired look. With this blush, I literally looked like a clown before blending it, but after blending, it was a really NATURAL look. So...the Minimalista TyOver lived up to it's name!

6) I'm not a lipstick wear-er. I have crooked lips, and it's not my best feature, so I'd rather not bring attention to it ;) However, if I DO wear lipstick for a date with the husband or a photoshoot, the color was REALLY pretty. Not too crazy for this simpleton!

The pictures below, I didn't edit at all or brighten and I took in NATURAL light so you could get an idea of what it actually looks like all finished. Again, very simple, which goes with the "minimalista" theme here :) 


Only a couple things I'm not crazy about.

1) Since it's so light, I'm not sure it will last super long on my skin like my itCosmetics does, however, in the 2 days I've been using Tyra Beauty, I haven't really had TOO many issues. I just want to stress to you, to be sure you SET your make up when you are done. These are all "liquid" and not powder...I'm not even sure if I can call it liquid, but....there's nothing else I can use to describe it! ha!

2) It is not concealer. I will stick with my bye-bye-undereye by itCosmetics, because it does a fantastic job with my zombie black circles, but the highlighting stick does a phenomenal job of highlighting NATURALLY without making us look ghost-like (which is a huge problem for newbies!) You probably wouldn't want to apply this mid-forehead or under the eyes, because it has a "shine" to it, and you'll look sweaty when you're not.


I do not regret this purchase at all. For this busy mom, it goes well with my "lifestyle" of simple, easy but POLISHED make-up.  I absolutely recommend it!

if you're interested in learning the quickest and best way to apply your make-up, feel free to check out my Make-Up Consult services, here, and if you want a FREE list of my must-haves for your make-up kit, you can find that here.

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