How I Finally Started Blasting Through my Plateau and GAINING ENERGY!

Something had to change.


Auto-Immune issues and thyroid issues can really make losing weight and maintaining weight nearly impossible.  For years and years this is something I never understood.  Thyroid issues run in my immediate family, but I never had to “deal” with it.

I never struggled with my weight in my young life, and even as a “young adult”, my weight issues didn’t really become “issues” until I developed an auto-immune disease, alopecia. I was the HEALTHIEST I had ever been in my entire life when my hair started to fall out. Then, began a cycle.

I gained 20 lbs, felt miserable, 100% exhausted 24/7, suffered from migraines 3-4 times a week, and on top of that, my new “gluten free” lifestyle wasn’t helping. I was eating well, working out daily and seeing little to no change in measurements or on the scale.

To say I felt defeated is an understatement. What’s the use of eating well and being healthy if my hair is falling out? What’s more, I didn’t even realize that the amounts of cardio I was doing could also be contributing to my hair loss.

Clean Eating and Exercise wasn’t working.

Gluten Free made my problem worse.

Every time I did a cardio workout, my hairloss was much more than if I hadn’t.

But Carb-Cycling, Intermittent fasting and going on an adjusted paleo diet seems to be doing the “trick”!  This program is nothing like I have ever tried before. I was intimidated, nervous, and frankly I was NOT looking forward to it. I was sure that it was bad for me, unattainable and a waste of my time and efforts.

In just TWO weeks, I broke my year-long plateau with a whopping 8 inches, eating MORE food than I ever have before, more CARBS than I ever have before and less cardio than ever (hooray! #ihatecardio)

Ladies, I NOW understand something I never understood as an athletic “tomboy” who never struggled with her weight. I understand that there ARE reasons that we struggle with losing weight, that it isn’t just cut and dry “calories in, calories out”, it’s not just SIMPLY eating clean and exercising…

It’s so much more than that. Every BODY is intricately designed and so different. I have found something that has given me an ENORMOUS amount of energy, the physical changes I had been chasing for over a year, an auto-immune that appears to be leveled out –at least for now– and I simply feel AMAZING.

If you are skeptical, you’re in good company–I was too.

But if ANYof this relate to you, Are you ready to try something that you’ve never tried before?  I’m so glad I did.

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