"But You Still Have Your Hair."

"But you still have your hair."

Words I hear often when people ask me why I am gluten-free, and I inform them, it's in an attempt to not aggravate my auto-immune disease, Alopecia Areata.

I've been approached by a few people asking if I had ever blogged about my struggles and experience with this disease, and I have had to say "No...I haven't been able to." The reason I haven't is simply because it is hard. It's hard to relive all of it, especially since it's still a very real struggle, AND because...well, I'm not a huge fan of blogs. ;) However, I want to be a resource of encouragement and also a place where we can learn about an auto-immune disease that seems to be SO unknown. These posts will be short and not-so-sweet, since who has time to write or read a long blog post anyway? I have things to do ;)

So, without further-a-do, a commitment to share with you this month about my auto-immune disease.

Almost 5 years ago TOMORROW, my sweet, spunky, craaaaaazy baby boy was born. Of course, the first week was bliss, but after that, I quickly realized that week of bliss was over and my new normal, a very fussy baby and severe anxiety was on full force.

Let's get one thing straight before I go on: I LOVE my son. I love him, so much. He was just a very "hard" baby, which was amplified by the fact my husband was working 12 hour night shifts and I was trying my best to keep my little guy quiet so my husband could sleep through the day. (Ha..haha..)

423021_10150573135983915_1217415423_n Long story short, I went from 165 (my weight when I had my son) down to 112-118ish in about 2 weeks.


I wasn't eating much, I was constantly having anxiety and depression...I seriously felt like this was never going to end and I'd be stuck in that dark place for the rest of my life.

Shortly after that two weeks, I noticed a lot of hair loss, which is 100% normal for women who have had babies, but then, a bald spot was found in the back on my head and the corners in the front of my hairline had also fallen out.

No one was really concerned (except me, of course) because it was one spot, and the other areas are pretty typical postpartum. I got diagnosed with alopecia areata, got a steroid shot in my head, the hair grew back, and I was free sailing until 3 years later.

to be continued...