. a weekend of happy children and families . {des moines family photographer}

What a whirlwind of a weekend! I was either taking photos of families or I was helping friends build new bedroom furniture. It was my craziest Friday and Saturday, EVER. 

This weekend I was scheduled to shoot a wedding, but because that wedding had been rescheduled, I was looking for a way to fill my day! In came family shoots and mini shoots. 

I cannot stress enough how much I love my families, even when kiddos are crazy and I spend my time looking silly and trying to get every single one of them to smile, even if it's just for ONE photo! I'll get those smiles, dang it! 

But this weekend was different. 

Every single child was happy, helpful and content. I know what you're thinking, "There wasn't even a single tear?" Well, there may have been ONE but it was at the end of the shoot and she was done, and a little baby boy may have given me a pooch lip, but that's it. We truly had the most happy children ever, and it can only be by the Grace of our Merciful God! :D Thank. You. Lord. Here are some favorites from my shoots this weekend! I decided to compile them into one post to make it easy on you readers :) 

Shawna Pence