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I have had some amazing referrals recently, and this one was no exception!

Lee came to me, asking if I take Senior photos and if I was available to take his son, Sam's, photos. To be honest, while I love Senior photo shoots, guys always intimidate me. I have no idea why, but because girls seem to love their photos being taken and because guys seem to dread the whole process, it puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders! "How can I make this as painless for them as possible? How can I help the feel comfortable without being weird?!"

I'm an introvert, but when I get nervous, I don't. stop. talking. It's a curse. Thankfully, this family was easy-going, and Lee (who is a comedian) helped break the ice! ;) 

Anyway, Sam ended up being a great subject to shoot. Here are some of my favorites from his session!

Shawna Pence