Modern Calligraphy Needs for Beginners:


Modern Calligraphy is SUPER "in" right now, right? You may see a million people with fancy-pants pens, brushes or more and think that you MUST have these things to get started. 

Well, gals, your husbands are going to thank me for saying this, but you really don't need much to venture down this path. 

You can begin learning how to letter with these VITAL pieces of equipment. Ready for it? Here we go...

You need paper. You need a pencil. 


These fancy lettering tools can be found at almost any store, craft shop, kindergarten classroom or you may even find them on the sidewalk when you're on a run with your favorite furry friends. (Whether this is a person or an still applies.) 

When you use a pencil, you'll actually be practicing FAUX-ligraphy. This is a pretend version of calligraphy, where you write out your words, and then thicken up your down-strokes. You can find an example of this here

ALSO, if you haven't signed up for my FREE upstroke lettering guide--it's a printable that you trace over with a brush, pencil (If you're practicing faux-lligraphy), or even a crayola marker-- you can find that HERE

Happy Lettering, my friends! 





Shawna Pence